Enough with the green Halloween

October 31st, 2011

Photo via Flickr: Jelene

Should we do everything in our power to reform US corn subsidies so that genetically modified corn syrup isn’t the sweetener of choice for US candy manufacturers? Absolutely. Should we support GMO labeling laws so that those companies are forced to rethink putting GM ingredients in their products to begin with? Of course! Should we urge companies like Hershey’s to stop sourcing cocoa from places that use child slave labor (or even boycott those companies)? Not even a question.

But until those reforms happen, should we punish our children by not letting them partake in some good old fashioned trick-or-treating and candy-eating that (heaven forbid) isn’t organic and fair-trade certified? I say an emphatic no.

There’s been a big push this year to green Halloween, to make it a “conscious” holiday. I’m all for DIY costumes, lead-free makeup, and using a pillowcase to collect treats instead of the ubiquitous landfill-bound plastic pumpkin, but seriously: Don’t make your kids stay home and celebrate with lame healthy “treats” while their friends run around the neighborhood and rejoice in their candy carousing.

Halloween only happens once a year, and kids need to be kids. Even the eco ones.

–Jennifer Grayson

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One Response to “Enough with the green Halloween”

  1. Vote With It: The Movement Says:

    I love this blog post because it is realistic. We as consumers have a choice in what we purchase and we should shop according to our conscious. But we also have to be realistic and can’t throw up our hands in defeat because sometimes we have to make sacrifices. Maybe the candy I purchase this time of year is not the best but by using a pillow case for trick or treating we are still making a difference. Fight where you can and do your best. Nobody is perfect but we can keep striving to be better.

    Vote With It: The Movement
    Every dollar you spend says what is important to you. Let governments and companies know what you believe in. Vote with your money. Vote for what you believe in. Help spread the word.

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