If there’s one good thing that came out of my bout with a nasty flu-like virus for the past week-plus, it’s this: My hands look amazing.

That’s because I’ve been obsessively washing my germy digits with a giant-sized pump bottle of California Baby Natural Antibacterial Blend Moisturizing Handwash, which I had received as a gift last fall when my daughter was born. (Thanks goodness I remembered I had stashed the bottle in the back of the closet, because I had run out of hand soap and wasn’t about to go out and get more with a 102-degree fever.)

Now normally, this kind of attention to asepsis would spell disaster for my skin, since my hands are usually cracked and bleeding to begin with. (Like the person with questionable breath who’s always being extended a mint, friends are forever offering me hand lotion.) But something magical happened with the California Baby wash: The more I washed my hands, the softer they got.

Is it the non-stripping and biodegradable vegetable cleansers? The essential oils used in lieu of  hormone-disrupting synthetic fragrances and toxic triclosan? The addition of coconut oil and gardenia flowers as natural moisturizers? I’ll never know. But this will be a must-have in my bathroom long after flu season has flown.

–Jennifer Grayson

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