I’ve written before about the challenge of being both environmentalist and mother; perhaps nowhere are the two harder to reconcile than at a baby shower. (It’s called a “shower” for a reason, after all — the deluge of baby goods can sometimes seem endless!)

We think we need all this stuff, but the truth is that babies grow up so fast and have such basic needs that their parents usually end up with piles of unused clothing and toys that wind up getting tossed in the trash.

So for my special event, I wanted to do things differently and have a “green” (which actually means mindful) baby shower, and luckily my friends, family, and American Baby magazine climbed right on board. Going green wouldn’t mean that we all had to be grinches; it just meant giving extra thought to a celebration and registry that would be healthy for both baby and planet. Check it out (click here for the full-sized version):

Cover and story reprinted with permission from American Baby® magazine. ©2010 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. All photos: David Tsay.

Thank you to everyone at American Baby, my friends at Apples & Onions LA, Auntie Em’s Kitchen, and the brilliant David Tsay (and of course, my friends and family!) for making the day so beautiful.

–Jennifer Grayson

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8 Responses to “American Baby: My green baby shower”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Love how a fun day became a gorgeous, smart article. The cover is beautiful!

  2. Jennifer Grayson Says:

    Thank you! And thanks to you for your delicious mocktail recipe. Glad I can drink it as a real cocktail now…

  3. Sandra Sanchez Says:

    This is fantastic! xo

  4. Sam Rubin Says:

    Literally SO beautiful and so amazing!!! Proud that you are my seeester!! SO Smart :)

  5. Jennifer Grayson Says:

    Thank you, Seester!!! :-)

  6. Lisa Beres Says:

    Love it! You look gorgeous & glowing as do your guests, the food and ambiance. What great inspiration for other mommies-to-be looking for ideas for a green shower.

  7. Jennifer Grayson Says:

    Thanks, Lisa! Your book is a great inspiration for green mommies, too!

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